Getting Started with WCF Data Services

The topics in this section help you quickly understand Open Data Protocol (OData) and how to use WCF Data Services to expose and consume OData feeds by explaining the underlying technologies. This section includes both conceptual content and a quickstart tutorial.

In This Section

The following topics describe how to create data services by using WCF Data Services.

Exposing Your Data as a Service
Describes the steps that are required to create a data service by using WCF Data Services.

Accessing Data Service Resources
Describes how to work with OData feeds.

Using a Data Service in a Client Application
Describes how to work with an OData feed in a .NET Framework client application.

Shows how to create and access a simple OData-based service that exposes a feed based on the Northwind sample database.

Application Scenarios
Highlights a core set of OData scenarios that are supported by WCF Data Services.

Provides links to WCF Data Services and OData resources.

WCF Data Services (Silverlight)

Getting Started