Deploying the .NET Framework

This section of the .NET Framework documentation provides information for developers who want to install the .NET Framework with their applications, and administrators who want to deploy the .NET Framework across a network. It also discusses activation and restart issues associated with deployment, and how to monitor the progress of your .NET Framework installation.

In This Section

Deployment Guide for Developers
Explains how developers can install .NET Framework on their users' computers with their applications.

Deployment Guide for Administrators
Explains how a system administrator can deploy the .NET Framework and its system dependencies across a network by using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Reducing System Restarts During .NET Framework 4.5 Installations
Describes the Restart Manager, which prevents reboots whenever possible, and explains how applications that install the .NET Framework can take advantage of it.

How to: Get Progress from the .NET Framework 4.5 Installer
Describes how to silently launch and track the .NET Framework setup process while showing your own view of the setup progress.

.NET Framework Initialization Errors: Managing the User Experience
Explains what happens when a .NET Framework application requires a CLR version that's invalid or not installed on the user's computer, how to resolve these errors, and how to control the error message displayed to the user.

How to: Debug CLR Activation Issues
Explains how you can view and debug CLR activation logs to resolve issues you may encounter in getting your application to run with the correct version of the CLR.

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