CeeSectionRelocType Enumeration

Provides values to influence the type of reloc instruction emitted in a call to ICeeGen::AddSectionReloc.


typedef enum  {  
    srRelocHighLow          = 3,  
    srRelocIA64PcRel64,    srRelocAbsoluteTagged,    srRelocSentinel,    srNoBaseReloc       = 0x4000,  
    srRelocPtr          = 0x8000,  
    srRelocAbsolutePtr      = srRelocPtr + srRelocAbsolute,  
    srRelocHighLowPtr       = srRelocPtr + srRelocHighLow,  
    srRelocRelativePtr      = srRelocPtr + srRelocRelative,  
    srRelocIA64Imm64Ptr     = srRelocPtr + srRelocIA64Imm64,  
    srRelocDir64Ptr         = srRelocPtr + srRelocDir64  
    } CeeSectionRelocType;  


Member Description
srRelocAbsolute Generates only a section-relative reloc, sending nothing into a .reloc section.
srRelocHighLow Generates a reloc for a pointer-sized location. This is transformed into BASED_HIGHLOW or BASED_DIR64 depending on the platform.
srRelocHighAdj Generates a reloc for the top 16 bits of a 32-bit number, where the bottom 16 bits are included in the next word in the .reloc table.
srRelocMapToken Generates a token map relocation, sending nothing into a .reloc section.
srRelocRelative Indicates that the value is a relative address fixup.
srRelocFilePos Generates only a section-relative reloc, sending nothing into a .reloc section. This reloc is relative to the file position of the section, not the section's virtual address.
srRelocCodeRelative Specifies a code-relative address fixup.
srRelocIA64Imm64 Generates a reloc for a 64 bit address in an ia64 movl instruction.
srRelocDir64 Generates a reloc for a 64-bit address.
srRelocIA64PcRel25 Generate a reloc for a 25-bit PC-relative address in an ia64 br.call instruction.
srRelocIA64PcRel64 Generates a reloc for a 64-bit PC-relative address in an ia64 brl.call instruction.
srRelocAbsoluteTagged Generates a 30-bit section-relative reloc, used for tagged pointer values.
srRelocSentinel A sentinel value to help ensure any additions to this enum are reflected to the internal reloc name array.
srNoBaseReloc Specifies not to emit a base reloc.
srRelocPtr A value indicating that the pre-fixup contents of memory are a pointer rather than a section offset.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: Cor.h

Library: Included as a resource in MsCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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