CorNotificationForTokenMovement Enumeration

Specifies the notifications that will be sent to the metadata API client when a token remap occurs.


typedef enum CorNotificationForTokenMovement {  

    MDNotifyDefault             = 0x0000000f,  
    MDNotifyAll                 = 0xffffffff,  
    MDNotifyNone                = 0x00000000,  
    MDNotifyMethodDef           = 0x00000001,  
    MDNotifyMemberRef           = 0x00000002,  
    MDNotifyFieldDef            = 0x00000004,  
    MDNotifyTypeRef             = 0x00000008,  

    MDNotifyTypeDef             = 0x00000010,  
    MDNotifyParamDef            = 0x00000020,  
    MDNotifyInterfaceImpl       = 0x00000040,  
    MDNotifyProperty            = 0x00000080,  
    MDNotifyEvent               = 0x00000100,  
    MDNotifySignature           = 0x00000200,  
    MDNotifyTypeSpec            = 0x00000400,  
    MDNotifyCustomAttribute     = 0x00000800,  
    MDNotifySecurityValue       = 0x00001000,  
    MDNotifyPermission          = 0x00002000,  
    MDNotifyModuleRef           = 0x00004000,  

    MDNotifyNameSpace           = 0x00008000,  

    MDNotifyAssemblyRef         = 0x01000000,  
    MDNotifyFile                = 0x02000000,  
    MDNotifyExportedType        = 0x04000000,  
    MDNotifyResource            = 0x08000000  

} CorNotificationForTokenMovement;  


Member Description
MDNotifyDefault Notify when mdTypeRef, mdMethodDef, mdMemberRef, or mdFieldDef tokens move.
MDNotifyAll Notify when any token moves.
MDNotifyNone Do not notify when tokens move.
MDNotifyMethodDef Notify when an mdMethodDef token moves.
MDNotifyMemberRef Notify when an mdMemberRef token moves.
MDNotifyFieldDef Notify when an mdFieldDef token moves.
MDNotifyTypeRef Notify when an mdTypeRef token moves.
MDNotifyTypeDef Notify when an mdTypeDef token moves.
MDNotifyParamDef Notify when an mdParamDef token moves.
MDNotifyInterfaceImpl Notify when an mdInterfaceImpl token moves.
MDNotifyProperty Notify when an mdProperty token moves.
MDNotifyEvent Notify when an mdEvent token moves.
MDNotifySignature Notify when an mdSignature token moves.
MDNotifyTypeSpec Notify when an mdTypeSpec token moves.
MDNotifyCustomAttribute Notify when an mdCustomAttribute token moves.
MDNotifySecurityValue Notify when an mdSecurityValue token moves.
MDNotifyPermission Notify when an mdPermission token moves.
MDNotifyModuleRef Notify when an mdModuleRef token moves.
MDNotifyNameSpace Notify when an mdNameSpace token moves.
MDNotifyAssemblyRef Notify when an mdAssemblyRef token moves.
MDNotifyFile Notify when an mdFile token moves.
MDNotifyExportedType Notify when an mdExportedType token moves.
MDNotifyResource Notify when an mdManifestResource token moves.


A token may be re-mapped (that is, moved) during a metadata merge.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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