CorTokenType Enumeration

Indicates the type of a metadata token.


typedef enum CorTokenType {  
    mdtModule                       = 0x00000000,  
    mdtTypeRef                      = 0x01000000,  
    mdtTypeDef                      = 0x02000000,  
    mdtFieldDef                     = 0x04000000,  
    mdtMethodDef                    = 0x06000000,  
    mdtParamDef                     = 0x08000000,  
    mdtInterfaceImpl                = 0x09000000,  
    mdtMemberRef                    = 0x0a000000,  
    mdtCustomAttribute              = 0x0c000000,  
    mdtPermission                   = 0x0e000000,  
    mdtSignature                    = 0x11000000,  
    mdtEvent                        = 0x14000000,  
    mdtProperty                     = 0x17000000,  
    mdtModuleRef                    = 0x1a000000,  
    mdtTypeSpec                     = 0x1b000000,  
    mdtAssembly                     = 0x20000000,  
    mdtAssemblyRef                  = 0x23000000,  
    mdtFile                         = 0x26000000,  
    mdtExportedType                 = 0x27000000,  
    mdtManifestResource             = 0x28000000,  
    mdtGenericParam                 = 0x2a000000,  
    mdtMethodSpec                   = 0x2b000000,  
    mdtGenericParamConstraint       = 0x2c000000,  
    mdtString                       = 0x70000000,  
    mdtName                         = 0x71000000,  
    mdtBaseType                     = 0x72000000  
} CorTokenType;  


Member Description
mdtModule An mdModule token.
mdtTypeRef An mdTypeRef token.
mdtTypeDef An mdTypeDef token.
mdtFieldDef An mdFieldDef token.
mdtMethodDef An mdMethodDef token.
mdtParamDef An mdParamDef token.
mdtInterfaceImpl An mdInterfaceImpl token.
mdtMemberRef An mdMemberRef token.
mdtCustomAttribute An mdCustomAttribute token.
mdtPermission An mdPermission token.
mdtSignature An mdSignature token.
mdtEvent An mdEvent token.
mdtProperty An mdProperty token.
mdtModuleRef An mdModuleRef token.
mdtTypeSpec An mdTypeSpec token.
mdtAssembly An mdAssembly token.
mdtAssemblyRef An mdAssemblyRef token.
mdtFile An mdFile token.
mdtExportedType An mdExportedType token.
mdtManifestResource An mdManifestResource token.
mdtGenericParam An mdGenericParam token.
mdtMethodSpec An mdMethodSpec token.
mdtGenericParamConstraint An mdGenericParamConstraint token.
mdtString An mdString token.
mdtName An mdName token.
mdtBaseType Not used.


Each value is equal to the value of the top byte in the corresponding metadata token.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: CorHdr.h

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 1.0

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