ICorProfilerInfo12 Interface

A subclass of ICorProfilerInfo11 that provides methods to create EventPipe sessions, events, and providers.


Method Description
EventPipeStartSession Method Starts a profiler EventPipe session.
EventPipeAddProviderToSession Method Adds a provider to an existing EventPipe session.
EventPipeStopSession Method Stops an EventPipe session.
EventPipeCreateProvider Method Creates an EventPipe provider.
EventPipeGetProviderInfo Method Gets the name of an EventPipe provider from its ID.
EventPipeDefineEvent Method Defines an event on an existing EventPipe provider.
EventPipeWriteEvent Method Writes an EventPipe event.


Platforms: See .NET Core supported operating systems.
Header: CorProf.idl, CorProf.h
.NET Versions: Available since .NET 5.0

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