Profiling (Unmanaged API Reference)

The profiling API enables a profiler to monitor a program's execution by the common language runtime (CLR).

In This Section

Profiling Overview
Describes the services and interfaces that the CLR provides to support profiling in the .NET Framework environment.

Profiling Interfaces
Describes the unmanaged interfaces that the profiling API uses.

Setting Up a Profiling Environment
Describes the steps you must take to profile a .NET Framework application.

CLR Profilers and Windows Store Apps
Discusses how to port diagnostic tools that consume the CLR Profiling API to work successfully with Windows Store apps.

Documents the conditions under which a method call returns the CORPROF_E_UNSUPPORTED_CALL_SEQUENCE HRESULT.

Profiling Global Static Functions
Describes the unmanaged global static functions that the profiling API uses.

Profiling Enumerations
Describes the unmanaged enumerations that the profiling API uses.

Profiling Structures
Describes the unmanaged structures that the profiling API uses.

Walkthrough: Identifying Performance Problems
Explains how to use the built-in profiling tools in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System. These tools provide an alternative approach to using the profiling API.