Integrating with COM Applications

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services can be integrated directly into your existing code by using the WCF service moniker. The service moniker can be used from a wide range of COM-based development environments, such as Office VBA, Visual Basic 6.0, or Visual C++ 6.0.

In This Section

Integrating with COM Applications Overview
Gives an overview of the major parts of the integration process.

How to: Register and Configure a Service Moniker
To use the WCF service moniker within a COM application, register the required attributed types with COM, and configure the COM application and the moniker with the required binding configuration.

How to: Use the Windows Communication Foundation Service Moniker without Registration
Explains how to obtain the definition of the contract in the form of a Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) document or from a WS-MetadataExchange endpoint.

How to: Use a Service Moniker with WSDL Contracts
Describes how to call a WCF sample using a WCF WSDL moniker.

How to: Use a Service Moniker with Metadata Exchange Contracts
Describes how to call a WCF sample using a WCF moniker that specifies a Mex endpoint.

How to: Specify Channel Security Credentials
The WCF service moniker supports the IChannelCredentials interface that allows a range of alternate methods for specifying channel credentials.



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