Channels Extensibility

This section contains samples that demonstrate custom channels.

In This Section

Local Channel
Demonstrates the local channel, a WCF transport channel that is used for communication within the same application domain.

Reliable Secure Profile
Demonstrates how to compose WCF and Reliable Secure Profile (RSP).

Custom Channel Dispatcher
Demonstrates how to build the channel stack in a custom way by implementing ServiceHostBase directly and how to create a custom channel dispatcher in Web host environment.

Chunking Channel
Demonstrates how to limit the amount of memory used to buffer large messages sent using WCF.

HTTP Acknowledgement Channel
Demonstrates a layered channel which changes the one-way messaging pattern.

Demonstrates how to build a custom protocol channel to use HTTP cookies for session management.

Custom Message Interceptor
Demonstrates how to implement a custom binding element that creates channel factories and channel listeners to intercept all incoming and outgoing messages at a particular point in the run-time stack.