Discovery (Samples)

This section contains samples related to the Discovery feature.

In This Section

Demonstrates how to use announcements with the discovery feature.

Asynchronous Find
Demonstrates how to perform an asynchronous find to search for all calculator services.

Demonstrates how to make a service discoverable programmatically as well as search for that service using the DynamicEndpoint.

Demonstrates how to use a configuration file to make a service discoverable as well as how to use a DynamicEndpoint through configuration to look for that service.

Discovery Binding Element Sample
Demonstrates how to add a discovery binding element into a custom binding. This allows clients to discover a service when a channel is opened.

Discovery Proxy Sample
Demonstrates how to create an implementation of a Discovery Proxy to store information about existing services and how clients can query that proxy for information.

Discover a Service with Unique Listen Uri Mode Sample
Demonstrates how to discover a service that has the ListenUriMode property set to Unique.

Discovery with Scopes
Demonstrates how to use scopes to categorize discoverable endpoints as well how to use DiscoveryClient to perform an asynchronous search for endpoints.

Custom Find Criteria
Demonstrates how to create a custom scope match using logic and how to implement a custom discovery service.

Workflow Discovery Sample
Demonstrates how to make a workflow service discoverable and how to author a custom code activity that searches for a particular service.

Discovery Router Service
Demonstrates how to forward discovery messages to another endpoint.