How to: Create a Workflow

Workflows can be constructed from built-in activities as well as from custom activities. The topics in this section step through creating a workflow that uses both built-in activities such as the Flowchart activity, and the custom activities from the previous How to: Create an Activity topic. The workflow models a number guessing game. Only one of the topics in this section is required to complete the tutorial; you should pick the style that interests you and follow that step. However, you may complete all of the topics if desired.


Each topic in the Getting Started tutorial depends on the previous topics. To complete this topic, you must first complete How to: Create an Activity.

In This Section

How to: Create a Sequential Workflow
Describes how to create a sequential workflow using the Sequence activity.

How to: Create a Flowchart Workflow
Describes how to create a flowchart workflow using the Flowchart activity.

How to: Create a State Machine Workflow
Describes how to create a state machine workflow using the StateMachine activity.

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