WorkflowHostingEndpoint Resume Bookmark

This sample demonstrates how the WorkflowHostingEndpoint can be used with WorkflowServiceHost to create workflow instances.


WorkflowHostingEndpoint, WorkflowServiceHost


This sample uses the WorkflowHostingEndpoint to create a workflow instance hosted using WorkflowServiceHost. WorkflowHostingEndpoint is an extensibility point for WorkflowServiceHost that can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Creating new workflow instances.

  • Resuming bookmarks on a workflow instance hosted in a WorkflowServiceHost.

The sample endpoint that is included exposes a contract that provides operations to create a workflow and return an instance ID, or to create an instance with a specific ID. The sample console application creates a WorkflowServiceHost instance with a basic workflow definition, and adds a CreationEndpoint to the host. It then calls the Create operation on the endpoint to create a new workflow instance.

To set up, build, and run the sample

  1. Build the solution.

  2. Run the application. The CreationEndpoint console shows a message that includes the instance ID when the workflow instance is created. The message "Hello World!" is printed by the workflow on successful resumption of the bookmark.


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