ContextMenuStrip Control

The ContextMenuStrip control provides a shortcut menu that you associate with a control.

In This Section

ContextMenuStrip Control Overview
Explains what the control is and its key features and properties.

How to: Associate a ContextMenuStrip with a Control
Describes making a ContextMenuStrip the shortcut menu for a specific control.

How to: Add Menu Items to a ContextMenuStrip
Describes how to add selectable options to a ContextMenuStrip.

How to: Configure ContextMenuStrip Check Margins and Image Margins
Describes how to customize a ContextMenuStrip by setting check and image margin properties in various ways.

How to: Enable Check Margins and Image Margins in ContextMenuStrip Controls
Describes how to turn ContextMenuStrip check margins on and off.

How to: Handle the ContextMenuStrip Opening Event
Describes how to customize the behavior of a ContextMenuStrip control by handling the Opening event.

Also see ContextMenuStrip Tasks Dialog Box or ContextMenuStrip Items Collection Editor.


Describes the features of the MenuStrip class, which provides a menu system for a form.

Describes the features of the ContextMenuStrip, which represents a shortcut menu.

Describes the features of the ToolStripMenuItem class, which represents a selectable option displayed on a MenuStrip or ContextMenuStrip.

Controls to Use on Windows Forms
Provides a complete list of Windows Forms controls, with links to information on their use.