How to: Select a Range of Dates in the Windows Forms MonthCalendar Control

An important feature of the Windows Forms MonthCalendar control is that the user can select a range of dates. This feature is an improvement over the date-selection feature of the DateTimePicker control, which only enables the user to select a single date/time value. You can set a range of dates or get a selection range set by the user by using properties of the MonthCalendar control. The following code example demonstrates how to set a selection range.

To select a range of dates

  1. Create DateTime objects that represent the first and last dates in a range.

    Dim projectStart As Date = New DateTime(2001, 2, 13)  
    Dim projectEnd As Date = New DateTime(2001, 2, 28)  
    DateTime projectStart = new DateTime(2001, 2, 13);  
    DateTime projectEnd = new DateTime(2001, 2, 28);  
    DateTime projectStart = DateTime(2001, 2, 13);  
    DateTime projectEnd = DateTime(2001, 2, 28);  
  2. Set the SelectionRange property.

    MonthCalendar1.SelectionRange = New SelectionRange(projectStart, projectEnd)  
    monthCalendar1.SelectionRange = new SelectionRange(projectStart, projectEnd);  
    monthCalendar1->SelectionRange = gcnew  
       SelectionRange(projectStart, projectEnd);  


    Set the SelectionStart and SelectionEnd properties.

    MonthCalendar1.SelectionStart = projectStart  
    MonthCalendar1.SelectionEnd = projectEnd  
    monthCalendar1.SelectionStart = projectStart;  
    monthCalendar1.SelectionEnd = projectEnd;  
    monthCalendar1->SelectionStart = projectStart;  
    monthCalendar1->SelectionEnd = projectEnd;  

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