MonthCalendar Control (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms MonthCalendar control presents an intuitive graphical interface for users to view and set date information. The control displays a grid containing the numbered days of the month, arranged in columns underneath the days of the week. You can select a different month by clicking the arrow buttons on either side of the month caption. Unlike the similar DateTimePicker control, you can select a range of dates with this control; however, the DateTimePicker control allows you to set times as well as dates.

In This Section

MonthCalendar Control Overview
Introduces the general concepts of the MonthCalendar control, which allows users to view and set date information for an application.

How to: Change the Windows Forms MonthCalendar Control's Appearance
Describes how to customize the appearance of the MonthCalendar control.

How to: Display More than One Month in the Windows Forms MonthCalendar Control
Describes how to configure the MonthCalendar control to display several months simultaneously.

How to: Display Specific Days in Bold with the Windows Forms MonthCalendar Control
Explains how to set certain dates to appear bold.

How to: Select a Range of Dates in the Windows Forms MonthCalendar Control
Explains how to programmatically select a range of dates from the MonthCalendar control.


Provides reference information on the class and its members.

Controls to Use on Windows Forms
Provides a complete list of Windows Forms controls, with links to information on their use.

DateTimePicker Control
Describes a control similar to MonthCalendar, although the DateTimePicker control also allows you to select a time and does not allow you to select a range of dates.