ToolStripPanel Control Overview

A ToolStripPanel provides a single area for positioning and rafting ToolStrip, MenuStrip, and StatusStrip controls. Multiple ToolStrip controls stack vertically or horizontally depending on the Orientation of the ToolStripPanel.

Important ToolStripPanel Members

Name Description
Orientation Gets or sets a value indicating the horizontal or vertical orientation of the ToolStripPanel.
Renderer Gets or sets a ToolStripRenderer used to customize the appearance of a ToolStripPanel.
RenderMode Gets or sets the painting styles to be applied to the ToolStripPanel.
RowMargin Gets or sets the spacing, in pixels, between the ToolStripPanelRow and the ToolStripPanel.
Rows Gets the ToolStripPanelRow in this ToolStripPanel.
Join Adds a ToolStrip to a ToolStripPanel.

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