Advanced Ink Handling

The WPF ships with the InkCanvas, and is an element you can put in your application to immediately start collecting and displaying ink. However, if the InkCanvas control does not provide a fine enough level of control, you can maintain control at a higher level by customizing your own ink collection and ink rendering classes using System.Windows.Input.StylusPlugIns.

The System.Windows.Input.StylusPlugIns classes provide a mechanism for implementing low-level control over Stylus input and dynamically rendering ink. The StylusPlugIn class provides a mechanism for you to implement custom behavior and apply it to the stream of data coming from the stylus device for optimal performance. The DynamicRenderer, a specialized StylusPlugIn, allows you to customize dynamically rendering ink data in real-time which means that the DynamicRenderer draws digital ink immediately as StylusPoint data is generated, so it appears to "flow" from the stylus device.

In This Section

Custom Rendering Ink
Intercepting Input from the Stylus
Creating an Ink Input Control
The Ink Threading Model