Migration and Interoperability

This page contains links to documents that discuss how to implement interoperation between Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications and other types of Microsoft Windows applications.

In This Section

WPF and Windows Forms Interoperation
WPF and Win32 Interoperation
WPF and Direct3D9 Interoperation


Term Definition
WindowsFormsHost An element that you can use to host a Windows Forms control as an element of a WPF page.
ElementHost A Windows Forms control that you can use to host a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) control.
HwndSource Hosts a WPF region within a Win32 application.
HwndHost Base class for WindowsFormsHost, defines some basic functionality that all HWND-based technologies use when hosted by a WPF application. Subclass this to host a Win32 window within a WPF application.
BrowserInteropHelper A helper class for reporting conditions of the browser environment for a WPF application that is hosted by a browser.