Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) is a markup language for declarative application programming. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) implements a XAML processor implementation and provides XAML language support. The WPF types are implemented such that they can provide the required type backing for a XAML representation. In general, you can create the majority of your WPF application UI in XAML markup.

In This Section

XAML Overview (WPF)
XAML Syntax In Detail
Code-Behind and XAML in WPF
XAML and Custom Classes for WPF
Markup Extensions and WPF XAML
XAML Namespaces and Namespace Mapping for WPF XAML
WPF XAML Namescopes
Inline Styles and Templates
White-space Processing in XAML
TypeConverters and XAML
XML Character Entities and XAML
XAML Namespace (x:) Language Features
WPF XAML Extensions
Markup Compatibility (mc:) Language Features

WPF Architecture
Base Elements
Element Tree and Serialization
Styling and Templating
Threading Model