How to: Adorn the Children of a Panel

This example shows how to programmatically bind an adorner to the children of a specified Panel.


To bind an adorner to the children of a Panel, follow these steps:

  1. Declare a new AdornerLayer object and call the staticGetAdornerLayer method to find an adorner layer for the element whose children are to be adorned.

  2. Enumerate through the children of the parent element and call the Add method to bind an adorner to each child element.

The following example binds a SimpleCircleAdorner (shown above) to the children of a StackPanel named myStackPanel.

foreach (UIElement toAdorn in myStackPanel.Children)
  myAdornerLayer.Add(new SimpleCircleAdorner(toAdorn));
For Each toAdorn As UIElement In myStackPanel.Children
    myAdornerLayer.Add(New SimpleCircleAdorner(toAdorn))


Using Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to bind an adorner to another element is currently not supported.

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