Simplify name (IDE0001)

Property Value
Rule ID IDE0001
Title Simplify name
Category Style
Subcategory Unnecessary code rules
Applicable languages C# and Visual Basic


This rule concerns the use of simplified type names in declarations and executable code, when possible. Unnecessary name qualification can be removed to simplify code and improve readability. This rule has no associated code style option.


using System.IO;
class C
    // IDE0001: 'System.IO.FileInfo' can be simplified to 'FileInfo'
    System.IO.FileInfo file;

    // Fixed code
    FileInfo file;
Imports System.IO
Class C
    ' IDE0001: 'System.IO.FileInfo' can be simplified to 'FileInfo'
    Private file As System.IO.FileInfo

    ' Fixed code
    Private file As FileInfo
End Class

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