SYSLIB0023: RNGCryptoServiceProvider is obsolete

RNGCryptoServiceProvider is marked as obsolete, starting in .NET 6. Using it in code generates warning SYSLIB0023 at compile time.


To generate a random number, use one of the RandomNumberGenerator methods instead, for example, RandomNumberGenerator.GetInt32(Int32).

Suppress warnings

It's recommended that you use an available workaround whenever possible. However, if you cannot change your code, you can suppress warnings through a #pragma directive or a <NoWarn> project setting. If you must use the obsolete APIs and the SYSLIB0XXX diagnostic does not surface as an error, you can suppress the warning in code or in your project file.

To suppress the warnings in code:

// Disable the warning.
#pragma warning disable SYSLIB0001

// Code that uses obsolete API.

// Re-enable the warning.
#pragma warning restore SYSLIB0001

To suppress the warnings in a project file:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk">
   <!-- NoWarn below suppresses SYSLIB0001 project-wide -->
   <!-- To suppress multiple warnings, you can use multiple NoWarn elements -->
   <!-- Alternatively, you can suppress multiple warnings by using a semicolon-delimited list -->


Suppressing warnings in this way only disables the obsoletion warnings you specify. It doesn't disable any other warnings, including obsoletion warnings with different diagnostic IDs.