Automated machine learning with ML.NET

Automated machine learning is a feature of ML.NET that performs automatic model selection and training. You specify the machine learning task and supply a dataset, and automated ML chooses the model with the best metrics. It outputs:

  • a model file that can be loaded into your prediction application
  • application code to make predictions
  • the source code used for feature selection and model training (to understand the model)


This feature is currently in Preview, and material may be subject to change.

Automated ML is currently limited to the machine learning tasks of binary classification, multiclass classification, and regression. The other machine learning tasks will be supported in future releases.

There are three ways to use automated ML:

  1. With a graphical user interface, with the ML.NET Model Builder
  2. On the command line, with the ML.NET CLI
  3. Via an application, with the automated ML API