Telemetry collection by the ML.NET CLI

The ML.NET CLI includes a telemetry feature that collects anonymous usage data that is aggregated for use by Microsoft.

How Microsoft uses the data

The product team uses ML.NET CLI telemetry data to help understand how to improve the tools. For example, if customers infrequently use a particular machine learning task, the product team investigates why and uses findings to prioritize feature development. ML.NET CLI telemetry also helps with debugging of issues such as crashes and code anomalies.

While the product team appreciates this insight, we also know that not everyone wants to send this data. Find out how to disable telemetry.


The mlnet command launches the ML.NET CLI, but the command itself doesn't collect telemetry.

Telemetry isn't enabled when you run the mlnet command with no other command attached. For example:

  • mlnet
  • mlnet --help

Telemetry is enabled when you run an ML.NET CLI command, such as mlnet auto-train.

Opt out of data collection

The ML.NET CLI telemetry feature is enabled by default.

Opt out of the telemetry feature by setting the MLDOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable to 1 or true. This environment variable applies globally to the ML.NET CLI tool.

Data points collected

The feature collects the following data:

  • What command was invoked, such as auto-train
  • Command-line parameter names used (that is, "dataset-name, label-column-name, ml-task, output-path, max-exploration-time, verbosity")
  • Hashed MAC address: a cryptographically (SHA256) anonymous and unique ID for a machine
  • Timestamp of an invocation
  • Three octet IP address (not full IP address) used only to determine geographical location
  • Name of all arguments/parameters used. Not the customer's values, such as strings
  • Hashed dataset filename
  • Dataset file-size bucket
  • Operating system and version
  • Value of --task parameter: Categorical values, such as regression, binary-classification, and multiclass-classification
  • ML.NET CLI version (that is, 0.3.27703.4)

The data is sent securely to Microsoft servers using Azure Application Insights technology, held under restricted access, and used under strict security controls from secure Azure Storage systems.

Data points not collected

The telemetry feature doesn't collect:

  • personal data, such as usernames
  • dataset filenames
  • data from dataset files

If you suspect that the ML.NET CLI telemetry is collecting sensitive data or that the data is being insecurely or inappropriately handled, file an issue in the ML.NET repository for investigation.


The Microsoft distribution of ML.NET CLI is licensed with the Microsoft Software License Terms: Microsoft .NET Library. For details on data collection and processing, see the section entitled "Data."


When you first run a ML.NET CLI command such as mlnet auto-train, the ML.NET CLI tool displays disclosure text that tells you how to opt out of telemetry. Text may vary slightly depending on the version of the CLI you're running.

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