System.Xml Usage

This section talks about usage of several types residing in System.Xml namespaces that can be used to represent XML data.

X DO NOT use XmlNode or XmlDocument to represent XML data. Favor using instances of IXPathNavigable, XmlReader, XmlWriter, or subtypes of XNode instead. XmlNode and XmlDocument are not designed for exposing in public APIs.

✓ DO use XmlReader, IXPathNavigable, or subtypes of XNode as input or output of members that accept or return XML.

Use these abstractions instead of XmlDocument, XmlNode, or XPathDocument, because this decouples the methods from specific implementations of an in-memory XML document and allows them to work with virtual XML data sources that expose XNode, XmlReader, or XPathNavigator.

X DO NOT subclass XmlDocument if you want to create a type representing an XML view of an underlying object model or data source.

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