Generic parameters used as optional parameter types must be class constrained

A procedure is declared with an optional parameter that uses a type parameter that is not constrained to be a reference type.

You must always supply a default value for each optional parameter. If the parameter is of a reference type, the optional value must be Nothing, which is a valid value for any reference type. However, if the parameter is of a value type, that type must be an elementary data type predefined by Visual Basic. This is because a composite value type, such as a user-defined structure, has no valid default value.

When you use a type parameter for an optional parameter, you must guarantee that it is of a reference type to avoid the possibility of a value type with no valid default value. This means you must constrain the type parameter either with the Class keyword or with the name of a specific class.

Error ID: BC32124

To correct this error

  • Constrain the type parameter to accept only a reference type, or do not use it for the optional parameter.

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