Type parameters cannot be used as qualifiers

A programming element is qualified with a qualification string that includes a type parameter.

A type parameter represents a requirement for a type that is to be supplied when the generic type is constructed. It does not represent a specific defined type. A qualification string must include only elements that are defined at compile time.

The following statements can generate this error.

Public Function checkText(Of c As System.Windows.Forms.Control)(  
    ByVal badText As String) As Boolean  

    Dim saveText As c.Text  
    ' Insert code to look for badText within saveText.  
End Function  

Error ID: BC32098

To correct this error

  1. Remove the type parameter from the qualification string, or replace it with a defined type.

  2. If you need to use a constructed type to locate the programming element being qualified, you must use additional program logic.

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