Input and Output Summary (Visual Basic)

Visual Basic language keywords and run-time library members are organized by purpose and use.

Action Language element
Access or create a file. FileOpen
Close files. FileClose, Reset
Control output appearance. Format, Print, SPC, TAB, FileWidth
Copy a file. FileCopy
Get information about a file. EOF, FileAttr, FileDateTime, FileLen, FreeFile, GetAttr, Loc, LOF, Seek
Get or provide information from/to the user by means of a control dialog box. InputBox, MsgBox
Manage files. Dir, Kill, Lock, Unlock
Read from a file. FileGet, FileGetObject, Input, InputString, LineInput
Return length of a file. FileLen
Set or get file attributes. FileAttr, GetAttr, SetAttr
Set read-write position in a file. Seek
Write to a file. FilePut, FilePutObject, Print, Write, WriteLine

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