Specifies how the Visual Basic compiler should report internal compiler errors.


-errorreport:{ prompt | queue | send | none }


This option provides a convenient way to report a Visual Basic internal compiler error (ICE) to the Visual Basic team at Microsoft. By default, the compiler sends no information to Microsoft. However, if you do encounter an internal compiler error, this option allows you to report the error to Microsoft. That information will help Microsoft engineers identify the cause and may help improve the next release of Visual Basic.

A user's ability to send reports depends on machine and user policy permissions.

The following table summarizes the effect of the -errorreport option.

Option Behavior
prompt If an internal compiler error occurs, a dialog box comes up so that you can view the exact data that the compiler collected. You can determine if there is any sensitive information in the error report and make a decision on whether to send it to Microsoft. If you decide to send it, and the machine and user policy settings allow it, the compiler sends the data to Microsoft.
queue Queues the error report. When you log in with administrator privileges, you can report any failures since the last time you were logged in (you will not be prompted to send reports for failures more than once every three days). This is the default behavior when the -errorreport option is not specified.
send If an internal compiler error occurs, and the machine and user policy settings allow it, the compiler sends the data to Microsoft.

The option -errorreport:send attempts to automatically send error information to Microsoft if reporting is enabled by the Windows Error Reporting system settings.
none If an internal compiler error occurs, it will not be collected or sent to Microsoft.

The compiler sends data that includes the stack at the time of the error, which usually includes some source code. If -errorreport is used with the -bugreport option, then the entire source file is sent.

This option is best used with the /bugreport option, because it allows Microsoft engineers to more easily reproduce the error.


The -errorreport option is not available from within the Visual Studio development environment; it is available only when compiling from the command line.


The following code attempts to compile T2.vb, and if the compiler encounters an internal compiler error, it prompts you to send the error report to Microsoft.

vbc -errorreport:prompt t2.vb

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