Enables or disables compiler optimizations.


-optimize[ + | - ]  


Term Definition
+ | - Optional. The -optimize- option disables compiler optimizations. The -optimize+ option enables optimizations. By default, optimizations are disabled.


Compiler optimizations make your output file smaller, faster, and more efficient. However, because optimizations result in code rearrangement in the output file, -optimize+ can make debugging difficult.

All modules generated with -target:module for an assembly must use the same -optimize settings as the assembly. For more information, see -target (Visual Basic).

You can combine the -optimize and -debug options.

To set -optimize in the Visual Studio integrated development environment
1. Have a project selected in Solution Explorer. On the Project menu, click Properties.

2. Click the Compile tab.
3. Click the Advanced button.
4. Modify the Enable optimizations check box.


The following code compiles T2.vb and enables compiler optimizations.

vbc t2.vb -optimize  

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