Welcome to .NET

See Get started with .NET Core to learn how to create .NET Core apps.

Build many types of apps with .NET, such as cloud, IoT, and games using free cross-platform tools. Your apps can run on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. Deploy apps to servers or desktops and publish to app stores for deployment on mobile devices. .NET is accessible to students and hobbyists, and all are welcome to participate in a lively international developer community and make direct contributions to many of the .NET technologies.



This documentation covers the breadth of .NET across platforms and languages. You can get started with .NET and its languages in any of the following sections:

Additionally, you can browse the .NET API reference.

Open source

This documentation is completely open source. You can contribute in any way you like, from creating issues to writing documentation. Additionally, much of .NET itself is also open source:

You can join other people who are already active in the .NET community to find out what's new or ask for help.