Two page sample

Some apps naturally tend to a book-like paging experience. You can use the natural boundary to show several items from a collection—like pages or pictures—which otherwise might have required the user to view one at a time.

Depending on your app, you could decide to paginate per 2 pages or advance one page at a time.

sample app UI using two page pattern

Key value

Leveraging the skeuomorphic metaphor of a book to showcase one page on each screen can make your app more conducive to reading.

Types of apps that may benefit from this pattern

  • Document oriented app.
  • Apps with contents that are paginated.
  • Apps made for reading.
  • Apps with an itemized canvas; for example, notes, art boards, etc.

For more info see the two page section of Introduction to dual-screen devices.

Sample projects

Get the two page sample on GitHub:

Kotlin Two Page Sample
Java Two Page Sample
C# (Xamarin) Two Page Sample