Dual-screen web browsing on emulator and device


This article describes functionality and guidance that is in public preview and may be substantially modified before it's generally available. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

Follow these steps to enable the dual-screen enhancements on the latest Surface Duo emulator or your Surface Duo device:

  1. Open Edge on the Surface Duo emulator

  2. Type edge://flags in the address bar

  3. Enable Experimental Web Platform features

    Enable experimental features

  4. Dual-screen CSS and JavaScript extensions will be enabled, which you can test with this example on GitHub:

    Select Surface Duo simulation

  5. You can now view dual-screen enabled web content as it will appear on a Surface Duo.

Testing in the emulator will help you understand how your web app interacts with the on-screen keyboard, for example, which is difficult on the desktop developer tools.

Debug on the emulator from the desktop

In addition to building and testing on Edge desktop, you can also connect to the Surface Duo emulator and debug websites from the emulator.

Follow these instructions to connect an emulator instance to Edge desktop developer tools. Remote debugging also works for Android devices.