Develop dual-screen apps for Windows

There are a number of cross-platform development tools that can deploy to Windows and Android, to run on the dual-screen Surface Duo.


TwoPaneView is a Windows control that also enables dual-screen experiences. Refer to the TwoPaneView page for details on what platforms its available on, and how to get started.

Running Windows apps on Surface Duo

There are several cross-platform solutions that enable apps to run on both Windows and the Android (for the Surface Duo), some of which offer the TwoPaneView control:

Get started with Windows 10X


We recently announced some changes in the prioritization for Windows 10 and Windows 10X. These announcements include changes to the Windows 10X form factor priorities. Read more here.

Download and install the Microsoft Emulator and tools to start developing and testing your apps for Windows 10X. We focused on creating an emulator experience that behaves naturally and adapts to the different device postures. This is an early preview of the experience. Get the Windows 10X development tools preview to experiment with Windows 10X.