Use this section to upgrade your Dynamics GP system. Review the introductory information about the resources available to you, then use the Dynamics GP upgrade checklist as your guide to the parts that apply to you.

To review new Dynamics GP features, refer to the What’s New section.

What’s in this guide?

This upgrade guide provides guidelines for upgrading your Dynamics GP system to a newer version. It lists the latest system requirements, contains a step-by-step look at the upgrade process, and provides tips for troubleshooting your upgrade. The manual is divided into the following parts:

  • Part 1, Preparation, contains information about preparing to upgrade your system to Dynamics GP.

  • Part 2, Dynamics GP upgrade, describes the data conversion process for Dynamics GP and contains additional procedures to upgrade specific modules and integrating products.

This manual uses the following conventions to refer to sections, navigation and other information.

Convention Description
Creating a batch Italicized type indicates the name of a section or procedure.
File >> Print or File > Print The (>>) symbol indicates a sequence of actions, such as selecting items from a menu or toolbar, or pressing buttons in a window. This example directs you to go to the File menu and choose Print.
tab### or enter### All capital letters indicate a key or a key sequence.

Additional resources

A number of resources are available to help in addition to this document.

Knowledge Base

Provides you with instant access to the same database our support engineers use. You can find answers to common questions, along with technical tips and performance recommendations.


For support requests that can be handled with e-mail. On average, the response time is nearly twice as fast as telephone support. That’s a big benefit during the critical year-end season.


Start a year-end discussion with other members of the Microsoft customer community. This database provides you with the opportunity to exchange information with other customers, which is perfect for providing tips and answers to year-end questions.

Dynamics GP support team

We have specialized support teams focused on providing service and support to our customers. If you have questions, dial toll free 888-GPS-SUPP (888-477-7877). Enter your 10-digit authorization code.

Send us your suggestions

We welcome comments regarding the usefulness of the Dynamics GP. If you have specific suggestions or encounter problems, let us know on the Connect for Microsoft Dynamics site. By offering any suggestions to Microsoft, you give Microsoft full permission to use them freely.