Users, Profiles, and Role Centers

The people in your company who have access to Dynamics NAV are all assigned a profile that gives them access to a Role Center. As an administrator, you can assign and change profiles in Dynamics NAV, and you can add and remove users as part of your Dynamics NAV subscription.

Adding Users

To add users in Dynamics NAV, your company's Office 365 administrator must first create the users in the Office 365 Admin Center. For more information, see How to: Manage Users and Permissions.


Profiles are collections of Dynamics NAV users who share the same Role Center. A Role Center is a type of page on which you can place different parts. Each part is a container in which you can host other pages or pre-defined system parts, such as an Outlook part or parts for adding tasks, notifications, or notes. For more information, see Managing Profiles.

Configuration and Personalization

The concept of UI customization in Dynamics NAV is divided in two:

  • Configuration, performed by the administrator

    The administrator configures the user interface for multiple users by customizing the user interface for a profile that the users are assigned to. For more information, see Configuring the User Interface for Users.

  • Personalization, performed by users

    Users personalize the user interface of their personal version by customizing the user interface under their own user logon. This personalization can be deleted by the administrator. For more information, see, Personalizing Workspaces.

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