Customizing Dynamics NAV

There are different ways to customize the application to give you and your colleagues access to the features, functionality, and data that you need most, in a manner that bests suits your daily work. This table outlines who typically performs each customization type, and who the customizations affect.

Customization Who does it Description Who sees the changes More information
Permissions-based IT Pro, developer Show or hide user interface elements based on the license or the user's permissions to the underlying tables. All elements, fields, actions, and page parts, can be removed from the user’s view. All users in all companies. Removing Elements from the User Interface According to Permissions
Install an extension Administrator Extensions are like small applications that add functionality, change behavior, provide access to new online services, and more. For example, Microsoft provides an extension that provides integration with PayPal Payments Standard. All users in all companies. Customizing Using Extensions
Configuration Administrator Customize the user interface for multiple users by adding/removing user interface elements based on permissions, or by customizing a profile that the users are assigned to (using the same personlaization features available to users). All users of a profile. Configuring the User Interface for Users
Personalizing the Workspace Any user Change the layout and content of your pages. User only. Personalizing Workspaces

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