About Permissions

Each permission set in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 describes a set of access permissions to tables, reports, functions, and other objects. The types of permissions are:

  • Read

  • Insert

  • Modify

  • Delete

  • Execute

    When you assign permissions to permission sets, you should not grant permissions to areas that your license file does not allow you to use. However, granting such permissions does not cause any problems. If you update Dynamics NAV or purchase additional application areas, then you must change or add appropriate permissions.

    For information on how to define permission sets, see How to: Create or Modify Permission Sets


Depending on the setting in the UI Elements Removal field in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Administration tool, only UI elements that the user has permissions for will appear in the user interface. For more information, see Removing Elements from the User Interface According to Permissions.

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