Accessing Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tables with External Tools

You can access data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 tables with external tools, such as Microsoft Enterprise Manager. When you do this, the values in fields that contain the code, date, and time data types with a specific format, must be manipulated correctly for data modification or comparison. When you use external tools, no special processing of code field data is required to join fields in different tables, if you use the same SQL data type value for each code field in a join or CAST the value to the appropriate data type.

In the New Database and Alter Database windows, you can choose to maintain SQL views. If you enable this option, SQL Server will create and maintain a view for each language ID that is added to a table in Dynamics NAV. The system creates a SQL view by prefixing the SQL Server table name with the Windows language ID for each CaptionML value.

This means that external tools can use a view of the object in the user’s language, for example, Spanish, rather than the object name. The object name could be in another language, for example, English (United States).

The view is updated by every change in the CaptionML values of a table. For more information, see Multilanguage Development.

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