ADDLINK Function (Record)

Adds a link to a record.


[ID := ] Record.ADDLINK(URL[, Description])  


Type: Record

The record that you want to add a link to.

URL, Description
Type: String

The link that you want to add to the record and an optional description of that link.

Property Value/Return Value

Type: Integer

The ID of the URL that you want to add to the record.


When you add a link to a page or a table, an entry is created in the Record Link system table. Each entry is given an ID.

The URL can be a link to a website, a file stored on the local computer or on a remote computer, or a link to a Dynamics NAV page.


In this example, you get the customer record that has a primary key number of 15000 and then add the specified URL to the Record Link table for that customer. You can then view the link in the Links FactBox on the Customer list or Customer card pages. This example requires that you create the following variables.

Name DataType Subtype
Customer Record Customer
ID Integer Not applicable
ID := Customer.ADDLINK('','Northwind Traders');  

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