Altering Databases - Integration Tab

Specifies database settings that determine how Dynamics NAV integrates with SQL Server and external tools.

To open this window, on the File menu, choose Database, choose Alter, and then choose the Integration tab.

Objects Options

Field Description
Convert Identifiers Defines characters that you want to map to the underscore character in the names of all SQL Server objects, such as tables, columns, and constraints. If these characters occur in tables or fields in Dynamics NAV, then they are converted to underscores in the SQL Server names.

When the conversion is complete, you must close and reopen the database before you can use the new identifiers.

License Options

Field Description
Save license in database Specifies that the license file is uploaded and stored in the database instead of on the server. This is useful if you are hosting several databases with separate license files on the same server.

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