companyInformation resource type

NEW VERSION This is v1.0 of the Business Central API. For the newest version, see Business Central API (V2.0).

Represents the information specified for the current company in Dynamics 365 Business Central, such as name, address, email address, and website address.


For information about enabling APIs for Dynamics NAV see Enabling the APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Method Return Type Description
GET companyInformation companyInformation Gets a company information.
PATCH companyInformation companyInformation Updates a company information.


Property Type Description
id GUID The unique ID of the company. Non-editable.
displayName string The company's display name.
address NAV.PostalAddress The company's address. View the complex type for additional detail.
phoneNumber string The company's telephone number.
faxNumber string The company's fax number.
email string The company's email address.
website string The company's website address.
taxRegistrationNumber string The company's tax registration number.
currencyCode string The currency the company does business in. Read-Only.
currentFiscalYearStartDate date The company's current fiscal year start date. Read-Only.
industry string The industry the company is part of.
picture stream The company logo. Read-Only.
lastModifiedDateTime datetime The last datetime the company was modified. Read-Only.



JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the companyInformation

  "id": "GUID",
  "displayName": "string",
  "address": "NAV.PostalAddress",
  "phoneNumber": "string",
  "faxNumber": "string",
  "email": "string",
  "website": "string",
  "taxRegistrationNumber": "string",
  "currencyCode": "string",
  "currentFiscalYearStartDate": "date",
  "industry": "string",
  "picture": "stream",
  "lastModifiedDateTime": "datetime"

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