items resource type

NEW VERSION This is v1.0 of the Business Central API. For the newest version, see Business Central API (V2.0).

Represents an item in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


For information about enabling APIs for Dynamics NAV see Enabling the APIs for Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Method Return Type Description
GET item items Gets an item object.
POST item items Creates an item object.
PATCH item items Updates an item object.
DELETE item none Deletes an item object.
Navigation Return Type Description
Picture picture Gets the picture of item.
DefaultDimension defaultDimension Gets the defaultDimension of item.
ItemCategory itemCategory Gets the item catgory of item.


Property Type Description
id GUID The unique ID of the item. Non-editable.
number string The item number.
displayName string Specifies a description of the item.
type string The inventory type for the item; Inventory, Service, and Non-Inventory. This is a required property.
blocked boolean Specifies that transactions with the item cannot be posted, for example, because the item is in quarantine. Set to true, if item is blocked.
baseUnitOfMeasureId GUID Specifies the ID of the unit of measure.
baseUnitOfMeasure NAV.UnitOfMeasure Specifies the unit in which the item is held in inventory.
gtin numeric This is the Global Trade Item Number.
itemCategory NAV.ItemCategory Specifies the category that the item belongs to.
inventory decimal Specifies how many units, such as pieces, boxes, or cans, of the item are in inventory. Read-Only.
unitPrice decimal Specifies the price for one unit of the item in the specified currency.
priceIncludesTax boolean Specifies that the unitPrice includes tax. Set to true, if unitPrice includes tax.
unitCost decimal Specifies the cost per unit of the item.
taxGroupId GUID Specifies the ID of the Tax Group for the item.
taxGroupCode numeric A Tax Group represents a group of inventory items or resources that are subject to identical tax terms.
lastModifiedDateTime datetime The last datetime the item was modified. Read-Only.


A Tax Group(taxGroupCode) must exist in the Tax Group table.

JSON representation

Here is a JSON representation of the resource.

      "id": "GUID",
      "number": "string",
      "displayName": "string",
      "type": "string",
      "blocked": "boolean",
      "baseUnitOfMeasureId": "GUID",
      "baseUnitOfMeasure": "NAV.UnitOfMeasure",
      "gtin": "numeric",
      "itemCategory": "NAV.ItemCategory",
      "inventory": "decimal",
      "unitPrice": "decimal",
      "priceIncludesTax": "boolean",
      "unitCost": "decimal",
      "taxGroupId": "GUID",
      "taxGroupCode": "string",
      "lastModifiedDateTime": "datetime"

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