Get contactInformation

Retrieves the properties and relationships of a contact information object for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

HTTP request

Replace the URL prefix for Dynamics 365 Business Central depending on environment following the guideline.

GET businesscentralPrefix/companies({id})/contactInformation({id})

Request headers

Header Value
Authorization Bearer {token}. Required.

Request body

Do not supply a request body for this method.


If successful, this method returns a 200 OK response code and a contactInformation object in the response body.



Here is an example of the request.

GET https://{businesscentralPrefix}/api/v2.0/companies({id})/contactInformation({id})

Response Here is an example of the response.

    "contactId" : "5d115c9c-44e3-ea11-bb43-000d3a2feca1",
    "contactNumber" : "108001",
    "contactName" : "Adatum Corporation",
    "contactType" : "Company",
    "relatedId" : "f2a5738a-44e3-ea11-bb43-000d3a2feca1",
    "relatedType" : "Customer"


This resource type requires Dynamics 365 Business Central version 18.0.

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