BREAK Function (Report, XMLport)

Exits from a loop or a trigger in a data item trigger of a report or XMLport.




BREAK causes the current trigger to end. When used inside a loop, such as a WHILE-DO or REPEAT-UNTIL construction, BREAK interrupts the loop and causes the current trigger to end.

Compare this with the QUIT Function (Report, XMLport).


You can also use the C/AL BREAK Statement to exit an iteration or loop. The difference is that the BREAK statement does not terminate the trigger. It just exits the loop.


This example of code in a trigger on a report object requires that you create the following variable and text constant in the C/AL Globals window.

Variable name DataType
MyVar Integer
Text constant ENU value
Text000 The variable is now %1.
MyVar := 0;  
  MyVar := MyVar + 1;  
  IF MyVar = 5 THEN  
UNTIL Myvar = 10;  
MESSAGE('After REPEAT-UNTIL loop'); //This statement is never called.  

When you run the previous code, the loop will end when MyVar is 5 and the execution of the current trigger ends. Statements after the loop are not executed.

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