CameraOptions Overview

When implementing camera access from C/AL, there are some options; Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.Capabilities.CameraOptions found in the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.ClientExtensions dll, that you can use to additionally specify picture quality, source type, and so on. These can optionally be passed to CameraProvider.RequestPictureAsync(options). Some of the options described in this article have been implemented in the example in the How to: Implement the Camera in C/AL topic.

For most scenarios it is not necessary to specify options.


Option Description
int Quality The quality of the saved image expressed as a range from 0 to 100, where 100 is typically full resolution without loss from file compression. Default is 50. Quality is only used if EncodingType is JPEG. Note: The Quality option is currently not supported on Windows phone.
string SourceType The source of the picture. Possible values are as follows: Camera and PhotoLibrary. Default is Camera. The options Quality, EncodingType, and AllowEdit are only used if SourceType is Camera.
string MediaType The type of media to select from. The SourceType option must be PhotoLibrary. Possible values are as follows: Picture, Video, AllMedia. The PhotoLibrary option will pick an already existing picture on the device.
string EncodingType The encoding of the returned image file. Supported values are as follows: JPEG, PNG. Default is JPEG.
bool AllowEdit A value indicating whether to enable simple editing of image before selection. Default is FALSE. Note: The AllowEdit option is currently not supported on Windows phone.

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