Caption Property

Sets the text string that displays with the object, control, or other element in user interface for the current language.

Applies To

  • Codeunit objects

  • XMLport objects

  • Pages, including general page properties, Container, Group, Part, and Field controls.

  • Query objects and query columns

  • Reports

  • Tables and table fields

  • XMLport objects


A caption is the text used to show the identity of a control (for example, in the caption bar of a page or a label for another control).

The Caption property value is taken from the value of the CaptionML Property for the current user language if the CaptionML Property is set. If you enter a value for the Caption Property, then the value is included in CaptionML property for the current language. For example, if the current system language is Danish, then a value of DAN =<value> is placed in the CaptionML field.


For query columns, when you run the query from Object Designer, the About This Query window that opens in the RoleTailored client displays the value for the Name Property of the query column, not the Caption property or CaptionML Property.

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