COPYCOMPANY Function (Database)

Creates a new company and copies all data from an existing company in the same database.


[Ok:=] COPYCOMPANY(SourceName, DestinationName)  


Type: Text

The name of the company that you want to copy data from.

Type: Text

The name of the company that you want to create and copy data to.

The company name can have a maximum of 30 characters. If the database collation is case-sensitive, you can have one company called COMPANY and another called Company. However, if the database is case-insensitive, you cannot create companies with names that differ only by case.


The following example is based on the Copy Company batch job, which is part of the CRONUS. The batch job takes the Company system table as a data item and uses the Name field as the value of the SourceName parameter. The value of the DestinationName parameter is specified in the New Company Name field in the request page, which is represented by the NewCompanyName variable.

COPYCOMPANY(Name, NewCompanyName);  

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