COPYFILTER Function (Record)

Copies the filter that has been set for one field and applies it to another field.


Record.COPYFILTER(FromField, ToRecord.ToField)  


Type: Record

The record from which to copy the filter.

Type: Field

The field from which the filter will be copied.

Type: Record.Field

The record and field to which you want to apply the copied filter.


The FromField and ToField parameters must be of the same data type, but they do not have to belong to the same table.


This example requires that you create a Record variable for the Customer table named Customer and an Integer variable named Count.

Customer.SETFILTER("No.", '<1000');   
Customer.COPYFILTER("No.", Vendor."No.");   
Count := Vendor.COUNT;  

The filter set for Customer."No." is copied and applied to Vendor."No.". This affects the result of the COUNT Function (Record), which counts how many vendors have a number less than 1000.

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