Creating Table Definitions from SQL Server Objects (Linked Objects)

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can create a table definition for a SQL Server object (user table, system table, or view) that already exists in the current database.

Defining Linked Object Table Properties

You use the LinkedObject table property to link to SQL Server objects by changing the value to Yes when creating or modifying a table description in the table designer. When you change this value to Yes, the LinkedInTransaction property becomes available.

The LinkedInTransaction property must be set to No when the Microsoft Dynamics NAV table description refers to a view that depends on objects that are outside the current database or on a linked server.

The LinkedInTransaction property allows you to read and modify data from linked server data sources, such as Microsoft Office Excel, Access, or another SQL Server. This access is not under Microsoft Dynamics NAV transaction control. This means that if a Microsoft Dynamics NAV transaction is stopped, any changes that were made during this transaction to a linked object that is outside the current database or on a linked server will remain in effect.

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